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The HireRoos Staffing Difference

From C-Suite Executives to Dynamite Support Staff, we find the right professionals to support your workforce according to your specific needs.  We offer placements for single hires, volume, and specialized hiring in almost every industry. Our talent solutions company is dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of services.
We help support and grow your business by conducting strategic hires in accordance with your manpower needs. We are talent solutions professionals not just any staffing agency.


Karen Roos is a recruiter specializing in sourcing top candidates. She uses her vast network and works with a team of experienced recruiters to help companies locate hard-to-find candidates.

Karen has degrees in philosophy, political science, and has two law degrees. She is admitted to practice law in two states, and she is fluent in English, Spanish, and French, and speaks intermediate German. Karen draws on her international experience and her multilingual abilities to help companies strategize for their interpretation needs and US staffing needs.

Prior to launching HireRoos, Karen worked for the US government, law firms, and alternative legal service providers. To learn more about Karen, please connect with her on LinkedIn.

"Understanding" is the Value

Karen Roos, Founder of HireRoos is Delivering Value by Delivering Understanding”