Temporary & Temp-To-Hire Staffing

For limited duration projects, we offer attorney and legal support staff placement. We can also arrange a temp-to-hire option which allows you to evaluate the candidate before making a long-term commitment to them.

Substantive Project Attorneys

HireRoos provides temporary attorneys with specific expertise for sophisticated legal projects.

·  We will search for attorneys with exceptional academic and employment credentials. We can provide your firm with the option to interview experienced or entry-level attorneys from top universities.

·  Experienced substantive project attorneys have worked at top law firms, boutique firms, banks, and corporations. We can also provide former high-level government officials.

· These attorneys can conduct research, writing, trial preparation, and contract drafting/review. This can help you take on new cases or tackle current workload challenges.

·  Separating your legal work into distinct projects of limited scope permits more rapid review and efficient supervision. 



Document Review Attorneys

Our highly competent document review attorneys can be used in a variety of situations where large numbers of documents need to be analyzed, separated, and coded, such as lawsuits, regulatory investigations, compliance matters, fraud investigations, or mergers.

We have lawyers who are subject matter experts and  who can work in various foreign languages. At your request, candidates can take the ALTA test.

HireRoos can provide a full document review team, including expert document review managers who have extensive hands-on discovery experience. Our managers can supervise your team and send you in-depth reports regarding the progress of the review.

Temporary Non-Attorney Legal Support Staff

We can provide your company with temporary legal support staff to help your organization with the many demands of the legal industry.

Some of the legal support roles we place are:

· Administrative Assistant
· Billing Manager
· Business Development Associate
· Case Manager
· Compliance Professional
· Contracts Administrator
· Executive Assistant
· Human Resources Specialist
· Litigation Support
· Marketing
· Paralegal
· Tax Accountant
· Technical Trainer
· IT


Don't Lose Billable Hours!

Our temporary staff can help you to take on new projects.